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Child Sponsorship

Our sponsorship program really does change the life of a child and their family forever.  We have personally seen it happen with multitudes of these kids.  We currently have more than 170 children in our program and all of them are sponsored.  

Program Highlights

Sponsorship impacts entire families

It is extremely rare that so little ($15 a month) could accomplish so much.   The sponsorship of one of these kids impacts their entire family.  In most of homes, there is a place on the wall entirely devoted to hanging all of the letters and pictures that they have received from their American sponsor family.  On home visit days, often the father will take the day off of work to be able to be there to meet the people who have made education possible his children.   In the long-term picture, raising these children up in the bible program and supplying them with the resources to be able to attend school will change this entire village in ways we can't measure.    The church that we partnered with to operate this program has increased church attendance from about 75 people to 250 in just the first 3 years of our program.   In 2020 one of our "empowering projects" was to help build a second story on top of the church to help solve some of the issues they were having of not having enough space for everyone who wanted to attend church.   The project also allowed us to divide the first story up into classrooms (they had only one single large room for everything).   The second floor we built much larger by cantilevering it out past the first floor which allows the church to seat about three times the number of people it was able to do before.  


Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor is more than just committing to the $15 a month financial support for a child.  It means letter writing back and forth a couple times a year.  It means personalizing their annual backpack and school supply with a personal gift from you that will be special for your sponsored child.  We we say "sponsorship" we mean encouraging your sponsored kids (through your letters) to stay faithful to their education studies and to their commitment to the bible program.  Learning who their family members are as you ask questions that your sponsored child can answer when they write you back.  Telling your sponsored child about your family and your life.  It is truly building a relationship.  That portion of the program is more important to these children than you know.   

Traditional Sponsorship

  • Look through our list of children who are awaiting sponsors and select the child you would like to become a sponsor for.

  • After selecting the child, you will be redirected to enter the information needed to begin your sponsorship

  • You will receive a confirmation from us letting you know that you have successfully set up your sponsorship. 

  • You will receive a welcome packet in the mail in 7-10 business days with a detail card on your child that you can place somewhere in your home to remind you to be praying for your sponsored child.

  • You will begin receiving regular correspondences from us reminding you of upcoming letter distributions and other periodic instructions to help make your sponsorship as impactful as possible.

Choose Me Sponsorship

  • Let a child choose you to be their sponsor!

  • We will build a profile for you or your family.  We will show your profile to children who still need a sponsor and give a child the opportunity to choose you to be their sponsor.

  • This is a great option to make your sponsorship personal to you.

  • This is a great option for people who want to sponsor a child, but can't because our program is often already at100% sponsorship.  When we add new children into the program (normally in February), those children will have the ability on the same day they enter the program to choose you to become their sponsor.  This gives our Choose Me Sponsors the first chance to sponsor kids when they come into the program.  

  • Once you have been chosen, we will introduce you to your new sponsored child and get the same details to you that goes out to all sponsors (just like we do with traditional sponsorship).

  • Choose Me Sponsors support EMM with a monthly donation of any amount until being connected to a child for sponsorship. 

*** We are currently at 100% sponsorship.  Children are added to the program in February and sometimes in July/August.

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