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Christmas for Kids

At Christmas we provide Christmas gifts to as many children as we possibly can who would not otherwise have gifts to open on Christmas day.   Our aim in 2021 is to provide Christmas gifts for more than 200 children.  

Collecting & Purchasing Gifts

Currently we focus on providing gifts for children in the Derby/Wichita area and to children in Juarez Mexico. 


We provide items children need such as clothing, socks, underwear, blankets, shoes, etc.  Then for each child we provide a gift of something they want like toys, soccer balls, dolls, etc.   Most children get about 4-7 gifts each to unwrap.  

We begin collecting gifts in October and will continue to take in gifts through the first couple weeks of December.  Anything that we don't have by mid-December we will purchase to make sure each child receives the gifts they need.  For many people, it is easier to donate money to Extra Mile Missions and have us purchase the clothing and other gifts that are needed.   Others prefer to "adopt a child."  When we do this, we will give a specific list of items the child needs and a recommendation for a gift the child wants.  You can take a list and supply Christmas for a specific child.  

We ask that gifts be new and in the package.  The only exception being clothing, blankets and shoes that are gently used or "like new."

We also ask that all gifts be turned in "unwrapped."  We will do all of the wrapping.  This allows us to make sure each child does have the full list of gifts completed before we deliver them.  

Tune in to The Joplin & Andrea Podcast (or check back here) in October-December to find out how you can help us with our Christmas for Kids project.  

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