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Our Donation Policy

Thank you for your support of Extra Mile Missions!  Please read below to be informed about how we use donor funds to accomplish the goals and objectives of EMM.  The information below applies to all donations but is especially important concerning mission team donations.


When donating to Extra Mile Missions, your donation is used as needed to further the mission and ministry of Extra Mile Missions.  You can designate a gift to let us know where you would like us to use that donation, but in accordance with the laws governing 501 (c) 3 organizations, Extra Mile Missions has the discretion to use the funds as is best needed to further the ministry and mission of EMM.  

Concerning Team Missions:  Our cost to run a mission team of 10 people in Honduras is approximately $18,000.  We require team members who want to travel with us to commit to helping raise those funds.  While we ask that each team member (in this scenario) would help raise $1,800 each, we recognize that some team members will raise more and some will raise less.   All funds raised to help us fully fund our mission works are donations to Extra Mile Missions.  A person joining us on a trip may choose to donate a portion of their own money to help reach their goal.  In such a case, the gift is still a donation; and the giver acknowledges that EMM has the right to use the funds as we believe they need to be used.  

In common terms:  All donations are donations.  Donors may recommend that we use their funds a certain way, but are not dictating to EMM, or controlling how we use the funds.  Donors may specify they desire their donation to be applied towards "Christmas gifts" or "motorcycles for pastors" or "Johnny's fundraising goal for missions trips," yet EMM has full authority to do what we believe is best with the funds.   No goods or services are provided by Extra Mile Missions in return for contributions.  Any benefit to donors consist entirely of intangible benefits.  

Our policy is guided by the I.R.S. regulations for 501 (c) 3 organizations.  And, as is important to our donors, helps ensure that your donations are tax deductible.  Extra Mile Missions Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Clicking a donate button below is your acknowledgment that you understand and agree to the above statement.


From all of us at Extra Mile Missions - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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Please contact us with any questions you have about donating to Extra Mile Missions.


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