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Extra Mile Missions 

"And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two." - Jesus

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1 Mission.  6 Objectives.

The Mission:  Lead as many people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ as we possibly can.


Our Objectives:  We focus on six primary objectives to accomplish the mission.

1. Empowering Native Churches.  One thing we have learned through years of missions is that the best thing we can do to win the lost and build God's Kingdom is to empower the local churches to reach their own communities.  Often these churches lack resources that are crucial for Spiritual growth.  Resources such as providing bible study materials for teachers and pastors.  We provide transportation for pastors to minister to their community (many pastors in some of the areas we work have no transportation at all).   We help with church building by providing resources needed for churches to build and sometimes with construction based mission teams.  We support Pastor training schools to help pastors get training and education they would not otherwise be able to obtain.   

2. Mission Teams.  We lead several international mission teams each year.  

3. Christmas for Kids.  We provide Christmas gifts to impoverished children, both locally in the Wichita and Derby Kansas area, and internationally in Juarez Mexico.

4. Child Sponsorship We operate a child sponsorship program connecting Honduran children from our mission work in Quelacasque Honduras to American Sponsors. 

5. Teen Missions.  We encourage Juniors and Seniors in high school to join us on mission trip before they enter college.   Statistics show that teens who attend an international mission trip before entering college are almost 4 times more likely to remain in church throughout their college years.   The goal of Extra Mile Missions is to pay for half of the expense of one mission trip for every Junior or Senior in High School who will join us on one of our international mission teams.  

6.  Evangelism.   The aim of everything we do is the evangelism of the gospel.  That is proclaiming, and helping others proclaim, the message that Jesus Christ is the only one that can save us from our sins.  All of the aid, all of the work, all of the food and medical help, all of the Christmas gifts - the work of the ministry - is meant to demonstrate the love of Jesus with hope that some might open their hearts to the message of Jesus.

Want to know more?

We have mission works in Honduras, Mexico, and the Philippines.   Want to join us on a mission trip?  Want to know more about our objectives?  Click on the link of interest to find out more.

3 ways to join the cause  

1.  Child Sponsorship.  Child sponsorship is one of the biggest ways you can get involved.  Sponsorship is just $15 a month and includes all of the following for the child: school, uniform, needed meals and vitamins at the church we operate our program through, and help with essential needs like mattresses. 

2.  Missions Trips.  These trips are life changing and we strongly encourage EVERYONE to join us at least once on  one of our mission team trips at some point if possible.  We go in February & during the summer.  Contact us if you would like join us on an upcoming mission! 

3.  Donate.   Donate a single one-time gift or join us as a monthly donor to become one of our Extra Mile Partners.   Extra Mile Partnership is the most important aspect of our financial stability as a ministry.  Our plans for the future are greatly dependent upon the monthly support we anticipate having to work with.    

Extra Mile Missions Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.


Click here to see our donations policy.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  ― Charles Dickens

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Our latest update on the mission in Honduras!

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