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All for the glory of God

"The bible knows nothing of the separation we attempt to make between the sacred and the secular. "

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. - 1 Corinthians 10:31

Do all to the glory of God. That’s everything; not just the Christian things. Everything you do should be done to glorify God. The bible knows nothing of the separation we attempt to make between the sacred and the secular. Do not assume that “spiritual work” is only found in the obvious duties of prayer, bible reading, church attendance, giving, serving in ministry, and the rest of the exterior workings of the church. These duties are absolutely Spiritual. There is no arguing that. The problem is when we see our everyday duties as something that is not Spiritual. God has declared that everything that the Christian does is meant to be done for God’s glory. Everything. How you conduct yourself at work. How you spend your money. What you do with your free time. How you plan your future. How you raise your children. How you live your daily life; all of it is meant to be to the glory of God.

Multitudes of men have set behind the desk at work or laced up their work boots thinking of the day when they can stop spending so much time doing what is secular in order to devote more of their life to that which is Spiritual. These do error in failing to realize that every day, in everything, God has chosen to use their normal activities to reveal Himself to them, and through them. Thus, everything we do is in one degree or another – Spiritual. I say it again: the bible knows nothing of this division of the sacred and the secular and therefore neither should we. All that we do is to be done as unto the Lord and therefore all that we do is Spiritual in nature.

To make sure that nothing is left out or set aside as a silly assertion the Apostle Paul carefully chooses the two terms eat and drink. There is none that do not partake of these things for they are necessary to life; and even these basic necessities of life God has commanded that we do for what? – ‘to the glory of God’. It is just like God to take the everyday things that we must do in life and add the significance of His glory to the process of it. May the Holy Spirit bring to life this blessed truth in our lives that we may find peace and rest in the fact that we need not change our circumstances or our location to be doing all that we can for God’s glory.

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